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Discover the itel mobile phone and tablet brand online on Jumia that brings the latest mobile technology to further enhance your mobile and communication lifestyle. Connecting with the rest of the world just got easier and very affordable with quality products from the itel brand. The brand produces basic phones widely regarded to as feature phones, smart phones, tablets and mobile accessories. Enjoy limitless access to mobile apps on the android operating system that comes with itel smartphones.

Jumia offers itel basic phones that ensures longer phone talktime with their long lasting battery life. They are very affordable and are available at a click away on Jumia. Shop online and get your mobile phones delivered to you anywhere in Nigeria.

Think itel phones and tablets, think Jumia. Get more fun and satisfaction from your mobile device when you choose the itel brand. The new itel prime tablet comes packed with latest android features that will have you engaged all day long. Capture razor sharp pictures with both the rear and front cameras during those fun moments. You can also get mobile accessories from the itel mobile shop on Jumia Nigeria such as the replacement batteries to keep you connected all day.

Enjoy wider screen experience as you watch HD videos on the itel smartphone. Buy itel basic phones that come with very efficient batteries, for longer call time. Shop online on Jumia Nigeria for mobile phones from world trusted brands. Sort by: Most Popular. Where to buy itel Phones Online? Male Female.Discover the best Huawei phone price in Nigeria at Jumia which are the new trend in the world of communication, they come in sleek designs that are attractive with shapes that fit into the hands perfectly.

If you are the type that is concerned about heavy phones, well no more worries as Huawei phones come in light weight that makes it enjoyable to use. Huawei phones online in Nigeria are gotten at the best from Jumia with several of its models available such as the Huawei G PowerHonor, Mate 8 champagne gold and more.

Also, Huawei phones in Nigeria come with the top mobile operating systems available such as Windows Microsoft for mobile.

15 Best & Cheapest Android Phones In Nigeria (Below 20k, 30k, 40k) | January 2020

Andriod phones are becoming a top choice for most people which have made Huawei produce phones running this operating system. Enjoy this great brand of mobile phone and you would not regret making this choice today. Shop for Huawei Ascend P7, Honor and other smartphones online Jumia and enjoy pay on delivery option. This is the perfect place to get the best prices of Huawei phones in Nigeria. Huawei smartphones are in a class of their own, and there is no other you can compare with them.

Get the latest smartphone online at Jumia, and enjoy great features like never before. In Fast Company ranked Huawei the fifth most innovative company in the world. So with much conviction of the authenticity of the brand, there is no doubt that with Jumia you can get the best Huawei phone prices in Nigeria, knowing the mobile brand has the best and authentic products you could ask for.

From Huawei phones reviews, it is said that the phone has quality and are affordable which gives it the worth for your money, enjoy games, messaging, and social networking with fast connection on availability. We give you quality mobile phones for staying in touch with family and friends. There is nothing more convenient than getting your Huawei latest phones with price in Nigeria, at Jumia.

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You can also get a deskphone for your office to improve communication. If you want to get a new Huawei phone, then be sure to come to our online shop. Whether you are at home or on the road, you can shop for Huawei on Jumia from your phones or tablets.

Enjoy the best of both worlds, work and play with Huawei G Power that allows you to charge other phones with it. Sort by: Most Popular. Sky Blue. Mate Silver. Honor 7.As the world advance, to buy a smartphone below 20k price tag is quite difficult, especially when you intend to get a phone with good specifications and great performance.

There are no doubts about the availability of cheap mobile phones below twenty-five 25 thousand naira. This is its successor! The POP 2 comes with a 5. The major difference is that this variant comes with a larger battery compared to the latter. This POP 2 Power comes with a 5. It also runs on the latest Android OS, comes with a fingerprint sensor and a face unlock feature to safeguard your device.

Here are the itel P33 key specifications on what you should expect to enjoy when you purchase this smart device. Below are the key specs for Tecno WX3. Click here to see Nokia 1 full specifications and quick review. Look below for the Nokia 1 key specifications and price to learn more about this phone and what to expect when you purchase this smart device.

Bear in mind that the phones listed above do not carry the best of the best features, while some are not so popular in Nigeria. Let me know if these phones are what you need, which one will you be buying and why?

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Best Phones Under 20000 Naira In Nigeria (February 2020)

This post contains the latest McMartin - February 19, Viklin - February 19, Read More. January 7, The goal is to build great mobile products that enable billions of people worldwide to enjoy more of what life has to offer.

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The challenge is to achieve this in an increasingly dynamic and competitive environment, which so far Nokia has been able to achieve.

In today's mobile world, it feels like anything is possible - and that's what inspires us to get out of bed every day. As you know Nokia represents a major brand in the world of Smartphones, so do not get it wrong but right. The Nokia X2 dual SIM smartphone is just what you need to properly organise your personal and business contacts. Get latest Nokia smartphones and prices online at Jumia as it is exactly what you need to always stay reachable.

Top 10 Smart Phones In Kenya

Gone are the days, when mobile phones were used only for calls or SMS. Today our mobile phones are known for their lightweight and stylish, sleek designs. These smartphones such as Nokia mobile phones are the next-generation mobile phones which also support a wide variety of other services like multimedia messaging service MMSInternet access, email, short-range wireless communications, social networking, business applications, gaming and photography to address your various needs at affordable prices.

Get the Nokia windows 8 phones or the Nokia XL being its newest addition to be in vogue or if you are the careless type, the Nokia Lumia gorilla glass screen construction offers supreme protection like never before. Samsung Galaxy has a very good camera to capture all the special moment shared with family and friends.

Most people have had a Nokia phone at least once in their lives. They are the most reliable and durable phones often lasting years without giving their owners any problems. Nokia's are also intuitively easy to use. But one of the best things about Nokia is how easy it is to find compatible accessories such as chargers or headphones-no matter where you are. Buy a Nokia Asha and enjoy having a hassle free mobile phone.

The choice is astoundingly large: from high tech products like Lumia and Nokia dual SIM phones such as the latest Nokia X to simple and reliable cell phones like the famous Microsoft Lumia series and you are sure to get the brand new Nokia phones in Nigeria that meet your needs online at Jumia. On Jumia, you can also get all kinds of smartphones including Apple iPhone 6 plus and more at the best price in Nigeria.

Sort by: Most Popular. Black Blue White. Top Nokia Phones Nokia 6.Are you looking for cheap Android phones to buy in Nigeria ? In this article, you will get a comprehensive list of all the cheapest phones in Nigeria. You can compare the prices of each of them and know the best Android phones to choose from in Nigeria.

If after reading this article and still not satisfied with our list of cheap Android phones in Nigeria, then just use the comment section or use the contact us form to reach out to us. This compilation will run across so many brands and models depending on your favourite cheap android phone.

You can click here to learn more about this phone and what to expect when you purchase this smart device. Look below for the Itel key specifications and price. Look below for the Huawei Y3II key specifications and price. This brand might not be known here in Nigeria, but they are popular in the global market Check out this phone full review here. You can scroll down to learn more about this phone and what to expect when you purchase this smart device.

There you go… Those are the top phones below 20, Naira in Nigeria. Do you want more? You can check out the link below to get access to my more comprehensive list of android smartphones below 20k in Nigeria!

Comes in a triple camera setup comprising of 8. This is none other than the itel S For the records, this is the first itel Smartphone with the dewdrop design. Also, the Chinese company teams up with Google to launch the Gallery Go for the first time on this smartphone. This smartphone is equipped with a 5.

The fast charging 3,mAh battery lasts for several hours. These are some of the best best android phones you can get between 20k to 30k at the moment. Perhaps, you you are not satisfied, you can check out more affordable phones using the link below. Chinese phone maker, Xiaomi has unveiled another smartphone called the Xiaomi Redmi 8.

Compared to the Xiaomi Redmi 7this successor portrays new features such as the 5,mAh battery, faster battery charging technology, larger storage and more. The Infinix Hot 8 is graced with the 6. With a mAh battery, this smartphone will also be able to last you for a long time, coupled with AI Power Management, it makes you even less dependent on the power outlet.

For camera lovers, this budget device is equipped with triple main camera setup and a decent 5MP selfie camera. As the Samsung Galaxy A series is directed towards mid-range users, the Samsung Galaxy A10 is more on the budget side than the others.

Unsurprisingly, its cheapness translates to its technical specifications and features.Mobile phones and tablets have evolved beyond just making phone calls and sending text messages.

Mobile phones and tablets are more of a companion than what they used to be a few years ago. You can stay up to date with the latest news all around the world, you can check your social media accounts at any given point in time, you can use them for recording videos, making video calls, staying in touch with friends and family at the other parts of the world making it seem like they are right beside you, watching your favorite blockbuster movies and listening to your best song playlists, and a lot more.

Mobile phones like the iPhone 7 and Samsung 8 have revolutionized the mobile industry. Personal voice assistant and other top-notch features have been added making it a super smartphone.

The amazing thing is there are several top mobile phones manufacturers all around the world. The competition in the industry keeps getting better and stronger with each mobile brand trying to launch their latest new flagship with the latest features.

10 Best Phones Under 25000 Naira In Nigeria (January 2020)

On Jumia Kenya, you can explore thousands of mobile phones and tablets available from the best brands out there at the best prices.

These brands are all available at the lowest prices in Kenya. Also, enjoy amazing deals and discounts when you shop for mobile phones and tablets on Jumia Kenya. Tablets don't just develop technologically; they are becoming more and more a stylish accessory. Different urban colours and materials are being used to create these trendy devices.

To much up with the technology, our mobile phone accessories include screen protectorsphone memory cardspower banksphone cases and coversmobile phone headset and data cables.

Don't miss out on your chance to style your new device up and make it your own. We all know that shopping online can save you a fortune; this is still true with the mobile phone industry. There are some great savings to be made on your device purchases, so be sure to have a good look around. There are some great offers here at Jumia Kenya.

Please have a look at our online shop and see our best mobile phones and their prices. For sure you will find cheap mobile phones or at least phones at low prices. So take a look now, see what you like and order now! Sort by: Most Popular. Spark4 Air. Mobile Phones and Tablets Mobile phones and tablets have evolved beyond just making phone calls and sending text messages.

Save Big on your Next Mobile Phone Purchase We all know that shopping online can save you a fortune; this is still true with the mobile phone industry.Mobile Phones have become part of people lives as much as we hate to admit it. We now have smartphones like Asus Zenfone or the iPhone 5c that are able to get us information at the touch of a button whether you are at school, in the office or at home while at the same time keeping you in touch with friends and family via your social media networks or replying to work e-mails on the go.

Weigh the Pros and Cons of each mobile in order to choose the ideal mobile phone to suit your needs and you would have every reason why you should buy a phone, whether for business or personal use. Jumia online store guarantees best prices of phones in Nigeria and also the best prices of Huawei P7. Sort by: Most Popular. Red 64GB. Midnight Green. Black Blue Green. IPhone 11 gb purple.

Latest Mobile Phones in Nigeria Mobile Phones have become part of people lives as much as we hate to admit it. Male Female. Latest Samsung Phones. Hot Selling iPhones.

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Under 40k Phones. Samsung S9. Homtom S Samsung Note 9. Gionee P5 Mini. Samsung Galaxy A7. Tecno Spark 2.

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